Taking your car to an automotive shop near me in Cary, North Carolina, for an oil change prolongs the life of your vehicle and avoids engine problems. It is undeniable that oil change is considered the lifeblood of your car. Car experts, mechanics, auto repair service shops like Import Motor Werks agree that oil change keeps your vehicle in high-level performance and precision.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should do an oil change near me regularly in Cary, North Carolina:

Engine Performance
Regular oil change maintains the proper lubrication and regulates the engine’s temperature to avoid overheating. In addition, an oil change helps your vehicle get rid of debris and dirt, which can directly affect your car’s performance.

Reduce Harmful Emissions
Nasty engine noises and noxious sounds result from dirt build-up when you delay your oil change schedule. Nowadays, environmental concerns have raised awareness to humanity. And if you want to take part in this cause, keep your oil change schedule in your calendar and avoid burning old oil.

Gas Mileage
Better gas mileage is one of the least known benefits of a regular oil change. When your car engines are adequately lubricated, your vehicle can go farther. Besides purchasing hybrid or electrical cars, oil change allows you to save up on gas and costly car repairs.

Extended Engine Life
Several car owners invest in high-quality vehicles that would last up to longer years. Preventive maintenance and tune-ups at reliable auto repair service shops are significant ways to prolong the life span of your car. Keeping your vehicle in its peak performance requires a regular oil change.

Catch up on other Maintenance Service
While you’re taking your car for an oil change, you can ask the mechanic to have a full inspection or diagnostics. Again, it is to ensure that you prevent future damage or breakdown.

How often should your oil change near me in Cary, North Carolina?
Depending on the type and the age of the car you owned, each has specific time intervals for an oil change. Some newer models have a built-in monitoring system. For example, suppose you own import cars such as a BMW, Audi, Honda, Mercedez, or Porsche, known for their performance and high-precision engine. However, you’re unsure of how to determine the time interval for an oil change. In that case, you’ll need expert auto mechanics to do the work. And if you live in Cary, Holly Springs, and nearby places, you can rely on Import Motor Werks.

What happens when you don’t do an oil change near me in Cary, North Carolina?

Delaying or not having a regular oil change will lead to wear and tear of your vehicle, which lessens your engine’s efficiency. Getting an oil change on time will prevent you from unnecessary frequent visits to pumps or automotive service companies. Even high-end cars like Audi or BMW, their system indicator for an oil change is not 100% reliable. Taking them to ASE-certified technicians will keep you on track with your oil change schedule.

Finding Quality Import Car Specialists for an Oil Change Service in Cary, NC

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