Welcome to Scottish Hills Recreational Club—a haven nestled in Cary, North Carolina, where families find their summer sanctuary. Here, amidst the lush surroundings, the community-owned pool beckons with promises of unforgettable moments. 

Membership at Scottish Hills transcends mere access; it’s an invitation to embrace summer in its entirety. The club boasts an array of vibrant events, from the iconic 4th of July Celebration to the thrilling Cardboard Boat Regatta, engaging Corn Hole Tournaments, the esteemed Sea Lion Swim Team, the spirited Sea Lion Olympics, and relaxing movie nights—a calendar brimming with family-friendly activities.

On their comprehensive website, Scottish Hills offers a wealth of information, from membership details to enriching swim lessons, team camaraderie, and a spectrum of social gatherings. Prospective members or curious visitors are encouraged to explore the facility, meet the community, and experience firsthand the allure of Scottish Hills.

What sets Scottish Hills apart as the premier family-friendly pool in Cary, NC? It’s the embodiment of summer bliss and a vibrant community spirit that resonates in every event, every smile, and every shared moment. Scottish Hills beckons—come, be part of the summer magic! Learn more.


Your Ultimate Summer Destination

Beyond the basics, there’s a myriad of features that make Scottish Hills a standout destination. For those seeking the ideal party spot, Scottish Hills offers covered shelters with grills, available for members at a nominal fee of $10 per hour (excluding holidays) during regular hours. The Snack Bar complements the experience with a variety of delectable treats at incredibly tempting prices.

The Award-Winning Swim Team isn’t just about fitness; it’s a hub for kids to bond and have a blast throughout summer. And the social events calendar is a year-round fiesta. From the lively Easter Egg Hunt to Food Trucks, Ice Cream Socials, From enchanting Movie Nights under the stars to lively Game Nights filled with laughter, and the festive Trunk or Treat, Scottish Hills offers an array of engaging events to delight our community and make every moment special.

Sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with tennis, basketball (both in and out of the pool), from spirited volleyball matches to friendly rounds of cornhole, leisurely games of shuffleboard, and exciting rounds of frisbee golf – there’s always an activity waiting to spark fun and camaraderie at Scottish Hills!

Oh, and did they mention FREE WI-FI? A modern necessity for those moments between the splashes and games.

Mark your calendar for the celebrated 4th of July bash at Scottish Hills—where members gather for an unforgettable experience.


Plan Your Visit

For those eager to experience Scottish Hills firsthand, here’s a guide to plan your visit:

  • Membership Inquiry: Contact the club to learn more about becoming a member and unlock access to all amenities and events.
  • Facility Tour: Schedule a facility tour to explore the grounds, including the pool, shelters, Snack Bar, and other facilities.
  • Event Calendar: Review the club’s event calendar to align your visit with preferred activities or social gatherings.
  • Reservations: Interested in reserving a covered shelter for an event or party? Get in touch to secure your spot.
  • Connect with Members: Engage with the friendly members during the visit to get insights into the vibrant Scottish Hills community.


But the true heart of Scottish Hills? It’s the people. This family-friendly haven thrives on its members who seamlessly transform from acquaintances to lifelong friends.

Come, join the Scottish Hills community, and let’s make this summer an extraordinary chapter in your book of memories! Read more about Cary here.