A Guide to Automotive Window Tinting Films You Should Know

Are you planning to have your windows tinted? Then, it is essential that you know about the different types of window tinting films available in the market. Car and truck owners often choose to get their vehicle windows tinted to protect them from ultraviolet rays and other harsh weather conditions.

Here’s a guide to help you understand the types of automotive window tint films:

Types of Window Tinting

There are many types of window tinting films that can be used on your vehicle. The most commonly used is a dye, which is an inexpensive type of film that doesn’t block much light. Another popular option is carbon, which blocks even more light and will help keep the interior of your car cooler in the summer months. Hybrid films are a mix between dye and carbon to get the best of both worlds: they’re affordable like dyes but provide better protection against UV rays than dyes do. A metallic film isn’t as common as other types, but it reflects light differently than different tints, creating a unique look for your vehicle!


Dyed window tint is the most common type of window tinting film. It’s made of polyester and offers good heat rejection, which means it blocks out a majority of the sun’s UV rays. In addition to its ability to reduce glare and heat, dyed window tint is also durable and easy to clean—you can roll it up for storage when not in use or wipe down fingerprints and smudges with a damp cloth if you need to remove some dirt from your car windows.


Carbon films are the most popular window tinting films on the market. They offer excellent heat rejection and UV protection, as well as a wide range of color options. Carbon films come in both dyed and hybrid versions, which contain a metallic silver layer beneath the visible image to increase their reflectivity while still providing good heat rejection characteristics.


Hybrid window film is a combination of two or more types of window tinting film in order to provide the best of both worlds. These are also referred to as hybrid solar shades and can be applied to single windows or entire vehicles.

Examples of hybrid films include:


The metallic window film is a great way to add some style and personality to your car. It has the same effect that you would see on a car with tinted windows, but it can be used on both the interior and exterior of the car. This type of window film will give your vehicle a unique look that catches everyone’s eye. The most popular colors for this type of film include gold and silver.

Metallic window films come in different levels:


Ceramic window tint is a high-quality film with excellent heat rejection, UV protection, and durability. This tint is ideal for homes, offices, or vehicles. Ceramic automotive window tints are not as reflective as other tints, but they provide good privacy by reducing the visibility through the glass.

Ceramic automotive window film is available in both 5% and 35%. The lower percentage of ceramic will have less reflectivity than higher percentages of ceramic in their film.

Why Should You Get Automotive Window Tinting Film?

Automotive window tinting film is a great way to protect your car from the sun’s heat and UV rays, which can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. The film also reduces glare from headlights, giving you better vision during night driving.

A well-applied automotive window tinting film can also help keep your car cooler in the summer months and warmer during the winter months. Having this added layer of insulation against extreme temperatures will save you energy costs over time. This benefit is especially important if you live in an area where it gets very hot or cold during certain seasons of the year!

Automotive window tinting film can be applied on all types of windows: side windows (including rear), front windshields, rear windshields—even mirrors! However, there are some states that have laws against applying certain levels or types of tint on specific parts of cars, so make sure before installing any kind of automotive window tinting film!

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