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Thank You for taking the time to visit Import Motor Werks! We are YOUR dealership alternative! We service and repair all import makes in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, and Triangle area. Our facility is located in Cary, NC near the intersection of Cary Parkway and Old Apex Rd. Next time you are due for any type of service on your vehicle, please allow us the opportunity to earn your business! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions to help us better serve you. Thank You! Don't wait any longer, give us a call or request an appointment today!

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  • Bob and Stephanie Dadey

    From the garage to the front door the team at IMW has it all. Know-how meets can do;Hard work pairs with quick wit to diagnose and fix what needs to be done. Did I mention lots and lots of smarts too? Our BMW has never run better and we're thankful that our humble '97 3 Series has joined ranks with other happy BMW's that get to go to IMW for those little aches and pains. Bob and Stephanie Dadey salute you all!

  • Fred Bosse, 2001 BMW M3

    I am a new customer to Import Motor Werks, and I have been completely satisfied. They have exceeded my expectations. When you have found the car of your dreams, the most difficult choice to make is where you will have it serviced. With IMW, you will find a motivated team of car enthusiasts that offer excellent advice and thorough service. IMW is not satisfied until you are. I recommend their shop to anyone that wants quality service at a reasonable price.

  • Chris

    I drive a 2005 Mercedes and was recently looking at about 2k plus in repairs from the dealership and thought I would see what Import Motor Werks could offer. Not only did they do the work properly but they cut the dealership prices almost in half. Mike, the service adviser, kept me updated throughout the process on the status of my car and was never pushy about any repairs that weren't necessary. As if all this wasn't enough reason to take your business there, all of the employees at IMW went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and truly appreciated my business (something not found at bigger shops). I won't hesitate to take my business to IMW in the future and am glad I've found a trustworthy shop to take care of my car.

  • Errol Daniels

    The absolute best automotive repair shop in the business. The most professional, competent, reliable, trustworthy and detailed technicians I've encountered in more than 33 years of car ownership. I had my car towed in. An overall inspection resulted in several required repairs. I got a detailed list, with costs, by phone and email, within a day. Jordan and Mike provided me updates throughout the services and repairs. They took care of my car as if it were their own. Every service and repair rendered was explained in detail when I arrived to pick the car up. The work was done properly;on time and at a reasonable cost. I did extensive research to find a reputable and quality automotive repair company for my BMW and hit the jackpot in Import Motor Werks. I'll continue to use them for not only my BMW, but my other cars as well. I highly recommend Import Motor Werks for all your automotive services and repair needs. Michael was extremely instrumental in IMW earning my business. He, along with the staff and technicians displayed the utmost courtesy and unmatched customer service. Thanks, you're the best in the business!

  • Michael Bain

    Another great experience back at Import Motor Werks! This has got to be the best place in Raleigh to take your car. They all treat you like you are part of the IMW family.The prices are great and the work they do is outstanding. I could never get the same kind of deal and attention at the dealership ( no names ) But my Porsche Boxter S was well looked after. Once again thanks to all and I'll be back. Love the web site.

  • Alex Wilson

    If you want the absolute best in service and care for your import vehicle there is absolutely no other option!!!

  • Robert Yu

    Do you sometimes worry after dropping your car off for repair and ask yourself..."I wonder if they can fix it". No worries folks. Courteous, knowledgeable and they gets the job done right. So if you're in to worring, take it to Firestone/Goodyear or some off the wall shady tree mechanic. Like me, if you prefer some peace of mind, go see Import Motor Werks!

  • Bill Perkins

    A friend I trust said to take my 745i to Import Motor Werks and that's turned out to be the best recommendation I've received in several years. These guys are courteous, knowledgeable and professional ... not to mention they've saved me a lot of money. It's also refreshing to have the job done right. Out of the dozens of mechanics and shops I've dealt with over the years, I can honestly say the team at IMW has them all beat hands down! Thanks guys!

  • Maurice Pentico

    Last year I purchased a 2002 BMW M3 Dinan. Soon after the purchase the car developed an engine problem. After one visit to the dealership, it was clear I could not afford to continue taking my car there for service, nor was I convinced the technicians there had even a clue about my unique car as the problem was not fixed. On the advice of a friend, I brought my M3 to Import Motor Werks. The service advisor Micheal listened carefully to my concerns and answered ALL of my questions in a way that was not only professional, but clearly showed he was familiar with my car. Once the car was in the bay, three highly skilled technicians swarmed under the hood to determine and repair the problem. The shop had all of the necessary BMW special tools, and even a few option for the replacement parts needed to fix my car. I can not stress enough how skilled and motivated the technicians are. My cars repair was handled quickly, professionally, and for a price the dealership could NEVER match! Bring your car to IMW for all your service and repair needs... you WILL NOT be disappointed!

  • Jim

    Another great experience at Import Motor Werks for me. I have been taking my 2 BMWs to IMW for 2 years now. The guys are great. The technicians even make time to talk to you. These guys are honest not like the other shops I have been to. Just recently I also started to take my Honda Accord there. Needless to say, the service again was excellent. This is the best shop to bring your cars. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are also courteous and prompt. I have always dealt with Michael and he is the best. Import Motor Werks family, thanks for doing such a magnificent job.

  • Charles LaRocca

    After having completed a home shop CCV installation on my 2003 BMW 325i, the engine had a very bad vacuum leak and I could not find the source. The Import Motor Werks guys came to the rescue! They offered the name of a great towing service and once the car arrived they diagnosed the problem quickly. They ordered the part and after receiving it the next morning they promptly fixed and tested my vehicle. Super price and outstanding customer service!!

  • Rediet

    1. Anyone reviewing all these great comments about Import Motor Werks and have still doubt, I truly urge you to check them out and become a wittiness yourself. 2. I want truly pass my appreciation to Jordan (Owner), Michael (Service Manager), Joey (Service Writer) and the rest of the team who has done exceptional job on my car. 3. For 3 yrs, I took my car to the dealership for any issues, but no one truly taken their time to address my car problems except IMW. 4. To my surprise, I witnessed Jordan perform diagnostics after hours on my car in less than 30 minutes (you don't get this kind of personal treatment in any dealership whatsoever) and was able to identify all the problem it has. He went through it in detail, I mean line by line.Truly exceptional! Michael spent his time working with my extended warranty company to get 90% of my repair price covered! Joey - was present in every step of the way until 9PM on Friday to help complete all the job necessary, knowing my car will be shipped to CA on Monday. Not to mention, he spare his 3hrs beach drive to work on my car! 5. A personal touch in every way. True friendly atmosphere in every angle. Honestly, the whole team understands why they are there.

  • Fred

    I drive a LS430 which I love and baby. To service my car I require technical expertise and a high level of experience with my car. Most of all I require a shop in which I have absolute trust,if they say something has to be done - I can't have a question in my mind. Import Motor Werks has all of these qualities. I have been taking my Lexus, my wife's Mercedes and my son's Rav4 to them for two years. I could not be more pleased with the service and expertise that I receive. Everyone with whom I come in contact has the same high standards. Try them, you will be pleased

  • Hasham

    I would recommend them to all for any kinda job on European and Asian cars. I have had always bad experience with other shops ( such as F***stone ) but Import Motor Werks has always been there to bring me out of the mess..Thanks again Import Motor Werks for taking good care of my awesome ride.

  • Darren

    I just stopped by Import Motor Werks, who works on my BMW... I needed a couple small, quick repairs (a turning light replaced and a door hinge tightened). They were noticeably busy, but Joey grabbed my keys, put it in the garage, and asked a mechanic to do the work. It was done in five minutes, and he told me it was "no charge". I suspect he did that because he knows I am a good customer. I am not suggesting that every customer should expect that type of service, but since I am a regular, that's the way this place treats me. They have even offered a loaner AND driven to pick me up from home. The simple takeaway: if you own a BMW and think you need to go to the dealer, you do not! Go to IMW, become a regular, and you will be treated with exemplary service, as I am. I scheduled an oil change for next week!!! Thanks Import Motor Werks!!

  • Cameron H.

    Ive been a mechanic for 11 years and have never brought my car to a shop to have it worked on. I was in a bind with a slipping clutch on my BMW. With no other car to drive and a very limited timeframe, I reluctantly searched for a place to take it for service. I read about Import Motor Werks and the reviews seemed very good. I gave them a call and Micheal answered. He was extremely nice and was thorough with every detail. Down to which bolts I needed to get with the new clutch, flywheel, rear main seal, etc. I told him about my time restrictions and I said I needed the car back as soon as possible as it was my only ride. He surprised by saying that he had a loaner car for me and then astonished me when he told me it was at no charge. I dropped my car off, being weary, but was relieved when I walked in and was promptly greeted and Micheal even had Jacob, the technician who would be working on my car, standing there waiting to meet me. After talking to him and getting the details, I felt comfortable with him working on my car. From here, the rest of the day, I had 2-3 calls from Micheal giving me follow-ups about the progress of the repair and all the details, which was huge for me. The next day, I went to pick my car up and they were nice enough to leave my car on the lift so I could do my own little review of the work. It was flawless. I stayed and chatted with the guys for a little and realize that they are true car guys. This isnt the type of shop where they half-ass jobs and ghetto rig cars. I am supremely happy with the service and the price was very competitive as well. Dont take your car anywhere but here. I know some people have heard that before but the Import Motor Werks is the essence of what a proper auto shop should be and my experience was something I could only dream of. Thanks Micheal, Jacob and everyone else there that I chatted with. 99 Silver BMW 540i/6

  • Skip Vedell

    An exceptional group of dedicated professionals that give you honest service for a great price. They recently sponsored the Cary Car Show for breast cancer awareness that also highlights their involvement in our community. My hats off to Jordan, Michael, Joey, Matt, Jake, Dave and all the others at Import Motor Werks who make my car 1999 BMW 740I purr like a kitten.

  • Joe Kellerman

    I don't trust my car to anyone besides the guys at Import Motor Werks and myself. As a College student, I can't afford mistakes or incompetent technicians working on my vehicle. I am very thankful that I was directed to this establishment at its beginning and that I do not need to worry about the work done on my vehicle. To this day after the several services I have had on my car, IMW has done a wonderful job looking out for me and my interests while providing superior service to my vehicle at surprisingly competitive rates. I am one who is always critical of a business's customer service strengths and I must admit that there is a perfect balance between the customer service and efficient business management at Import Motor Werks. I hope this testimonial will show my special thanks and best wishes to Mike, Joey and Jordan. 97 BMW 328i

  • Steve Szymanski

    I can strongly recommend Import Motor Werks....I was impressed by the friendly, professional way the shop does business....But, most importantly, they did everything I asked them to do and did it the right way [ no corner cutting ]... They did it at a fair and reasonable price, and they delivered the job on time...Upon picking up my vehicle, the shop manager gave me a point by point verbal review of all the work that was done...I was given a written copy of the work order that had all my info and my Porsche's info in printed format.....All the work that was done was outlined item by item with comments by the Tech and a note of any time they had spoken to me....Very professional...The bill very clearly described all work done, labor costs, and parts costs....These guys love cars and they love what they do..It's clear from the time you walk in the door that they run a TEAM EFFORT business and that it's important to each TEAM MEMBER to do things the RIGHT WAY...Thanks to Import Motor Werks I enjoy driving my car again.

  • Kristopher

    I have an older Mercedes (1997 Eclass) and when my personal mechanic moved out of state, he recommend Import Motor Werks. Every experience I've had with the group has been excellent. I had a bad taste in my mouth about mechanics from previous experiences over the years. But IMW has changed all of that. I look forward to the friendly and respectful service, as well as the informative answers that I receive from the staff. The environment is also pleasant with free snacks, wireless access (so I can work while I wait), movies, and even video games for the kids to stay entertained. And unlike many other places, they don't rattle off a bunch of "you-need-this-fixed-immediately" mumbo-jumbo to get more out of your pockets while you are there. Also, I've priced their services and they really are the least expensive I've found in the Raleigh area for Mercedes repairs. Most importantly, the work done on my vehicle has never required a re-visit. They also respond to emailed appointment requests within 15 minutes. It's so seamless with this group. I recommend them to any luxury vehicle owner.

  • Anonymous

    Service all the way to Athens, OH! My first experience with Import Motor Werks was in May 07 when I was simply coming in to get the windows tinted on my '97 M3. On the way, I had a flat, called in to say I'd be late, and Jordan and David insisted on coming out to help. The next month, my clutch went out in Athens, Ohio and Jordan, not satisfied with the mechanic I'd left my car with, offered to make the drive and tow my car home where it would be in good hands at IMW. Now, THAT'S service! Needless to say, I'm forever a loyal IMW client. Let me also give a shout-out to Michael, superb at customer service. And the technicians are amazing, always willing to talk. Thanks, guys! You rock!?

  • Anonymous

    I recently came to Import Motor Werks to have my 2008 VW GTi's alignment and wheel balance checked. Like many of the other reviewers, I have had bad experiences with mechanics before. I had heard from a friend that IMW was a trustworthy and quality shop. This couldn't have been more true. The service I got at IMW was unlike anything I'd experienced before. Right from the get-go, I could tell the staff there are car guys. Jordan checked me in and discussed what I needed done. I was seated in a nicely furnished waiting room, which conveniently also was equipped with free WiFi and a desk. The guys checked out my car, and as I had suspected, the alignment was off. Unlike other places I have been to, they didn't just say "Your alignment is off." They took the time to sit down with me and go over the alignment print-out. They went so far as to explain the various measurements (camber, etc.) and what they meant to me in practical terms (steering, ride, performance, etc.). We had a small discussion about whether a more detailed inspection might need to be done. But after talking with me for a few minutes about what the symptoms were (slight pulling at certain speeds and a shaky steering wheel), the decision was made to go ahead and do the alignment. To cut to the chase, they did the alignment and re-balanced all four of my wheels. It's been two weeks. I've driven over 600 miles since having them work on my car. They absolutely got it back to that perfect ride I had missed. The car handles great. The price was comparable to what you would pay at any other shop, but the personalized service and attention to detail is unique to IMW. I intend on having them handle some projects I've got planned for down the road. In short, I'd recommend them to anyone who asked.

  • Anonymous

    Import Motor Werks is BY FAR the BEST shop I have ever been to. Going to shops used to be such a pain. I would always have the people at the desk, or the mechanics condescendingly ask me if my BMW M3 or my BMW 318ti was given to me by my Dad, or if I was picking it up for my boyfriend. They never seemed to think that there could be a female BMW enthusiast, no less a female that knew about cars. I actually had a tech pop my hood and point at my motor and say, "This is your engine." Are you kidding me? I have never gotten this treatment at IMW. From the first time that I walked in the door, they have treated me like a friend. Not only has the customer service always been flawless, my vehicle has always been taken care of beyond all of my expectations. They have fair prices, (much cheaper than the dealer), and even a comfy waiting room with free snacks and drinks. I can even take my laptop in and use their Wi-fi to get some work done while I get an oil change. This shop is truly female friendly. (They even have tampons in the bathroom! WHO ELSE HAS THAT?!) I can honestly say I love the entire staff at IMW, and will go there as long I have my cars, and for any other vehicles I purchase in the future.

  • Barb

    I've been using these guys for a couple of years now for my 2003 Camry. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. They have taken me to my sister's if my car was to be in for a longer priod of time, even rented a car for me when my car had to spend the night. They took me in at the last minute when I was in Cary for a quick visit and my "check engine" light came on. Very helpful, pleasant and explained what was going on with my car. I've now got a Volvo and I'm happy to see they also do Volvo. My husband has a Nissan and they do Nissan! I may not be living in NC (at the moment), but IMW is my mechanic of choice and it's nice to know them for when we do return to Raleigh in a couple of years. Simply as a reference, AAA in Cary told me I had an oil leak to the tune of $1500. Took car to IMW and was told I had nothing to worry about. No attempt to rip me off (like some shops we all know and ....). They ain't cheap (no foreign car repair is cheap), but the work is done right the first time and they are willing to try and help with a discount here and there if they can. Like reviews have said, nice waiting room, even if I do screw up the TV. Sofa tends to eat me and napping is comfy. Do not hesitate to use these guys. They are the best!

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